Final Conference Concludes the Research Project
Our final conference on 28th and 29th April has brought inspiring perspectives and innovative work in the ambit of AI & fairness. The intense discussions confirmed the interest to engage in interdisciplinary work and exchange from all involved disciplines. The BIAS staff will continue their involvement with this intriguing field of research in the future. We thank all participants of the conference and hope to stay in touch.

Paper on multi-dimensional discrimination accepted for FAccT 2023
The paper “Multi-dimensional discrimination in Law and Machine Learning – A comparative overview” by project members Arjun Roy, Jan Horstmann and Eirini Ntoutsi has been accepted for presentation at FAccT 2023 and publication in the conference proceedings. A preprint version can be found in the arxiv.

Final Conference on 27th-28th April in Hanover
The project’s final conference will be held at Leibnizhaus Hanover in April. The event includes internationally renowned scholars in algorithmic bias and fair AI, such as Atoosa Kasirzadeh (University of Edinburgh), John Danaher (University of Galway), Raphaële Xenidis (Sciences Po Law School), Gianclaudio Malgieri (Leiden University), Toon Calders (University of Antwerp) and Symeon Papadopoulos (Centre for Research & Technology Hellas).
Participation is free. Registration is possible until 31st March. To learn more & register, check out the poster (PDF) and the conference website.

Workshop report
The workshop organised by working group B at the Institute for Legal Informatics (Leibniz University Hanover) has brought together young legal scholars, philosophers and others, with fruitful discussions about, among others, transparency for ADM and challenges that AI holds for anti-discrimination law. A full report by Marlene Delventhal can be found in ZD-Aktuell, 01405.

Workshop on legal issues of bias and discrimination
We happily announce our workshop on legal issues of bias and discrimination, taking place at the Faculty of Law of Leibniz University Hanover on 11th October 2022! The workshop is organised by working group B (Law) and brings together a number of young scholars in discrimination and IT law. You can find more information in the workshop programme.

Participation is limited. To register, please send us an email.

News Article: Negotiations for an AI Framework of the Council of Europe
Jan Horstmann has written (in German) about the negotiations on an international legal framework for the protection of human rights, democracy and rule of law by the Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) within the framework of the Council of Europe (CoE). The article can be found in ZD-Aktuell 2022, 01182.


News Article: Jurisprudence and Administrative Procedings regarding ADM
Jan Horstmann has published a contribution looking at recent judgements and administrative decisions in EU member states dealing with the GDPR rules on ADM and profiling (in German, ZD-Aktuell 2021, 05487). A number of decisions concerns the so-called “gig economy”, which may play a pioneer role in determining the exact ambit and legal consequences of said rules, Horstmann contends.

Workshop “Bias and Discrimination in Algorithmic Decision Making”
We are proud to announce that our workshop will take place on October 8-9, in an innovative hybrid format.
Including keynote lectures by Emily Sullivan, Christian Heinze, Markus Langer, and Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen!

ECMLPKDD workshop on Bias and Fairness in AI
Members of the BIAS team are co-organising the BIAS 2021: 2nd ECMLPKDD workshop on Bias and Fairness in AI, Bilbao, Spain, September 13-18, 2021,

Please submit your paper by 2 July!

Copenhagen Workshop on Algorithmic Fairness

Jannik Zeiser presented his paper, “Should We Believe the Algorithm? Fairness, Epistemic Responsibility, and Moral Encroachment“, at the Copenhagen Workshop on Algorithmic Fairness, on 13 November 2020.

News Contributions on Current Legal Developments

Jan Horstmann has published two news articles (in German) concerning a ruling of the Rechtbank Den Haag regarding a system involving automated profiling for the detection of illicit receipt of social benefits (ZD-Aktuell 2020, 07047) and a proposal for a local law in New York City regulating the use of automated employment decision tools (ZD-Aktuell 2020, 07141).

BIAS Team Member Wins Young Scholars Award

Jointly with Stefan Wallaschek, BIAS member Philippe van Basshuysen has won the Young Scholars Award 2020, awarded by the PPE Institute for Social and Institutional Change (ISIC) at Witten/Herdecke University.

New Corona Project within BIAS
IPhil (WG A) has received additional funding for research on the ethics of policy making in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Description: During the course of the pandemic, measures that would normally be unthinkable in liberal democracies, such as lockdowns, curfews, bans on free assembly, and digital contact tracing, have been implemented in many countries. The aim of this project is to investigate what kind of measures are justifiable in the exceptional circumstances of a pandemic. In this investigation, we focus in particular on digital contact tracing, weighing the efficacy of various configurations, and their possible implications for, among other things, privacy violations.

Team: Mathias Frisch (PI), Philippe van Basshuysen, Lucie White

First BIAS Workshop
The BIAS team (Bodo Rosenhahn and Eirini Ntoutsi) are organizing the “Bias and Fairness in AI” Workshop, co-located with ECMLPKDD 2020, Ghent, Belgium, on 14-18 September, 2020. Dietmar Hübner acts as one of the keynote speakers in this workshop.

Kick-Off Event “Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future”
Dietmar Hübner presented the BIAS project in the Kick-off Event of “Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future”, a symposium that took place in Herrenhausen Palace, Hannover, on 7-8 November, 2019.

Master’s Seminar “Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence”
Philippe van Basshuysen offered a Master’s Seminar, “Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence”, at the Institute of Philosophy of Leibniz University Hannover during Winter Term 2019/20. Please visit the Institute of Philosophy for all the interesting courses currently on offer!